Turistična kmetija Jureš

Rustic comfort among the vineyards

Tourist farm Jureš. Visit us and experience the varied vineyard area.
About us

The luxury of nature, wine and Prleš specialties at farm Jureš

In the middle of a rugged landscape among vineyards, it stands on the top of a hill, from where the view extends to neighboring Austria, Hungary and Croatia, as well as to Prekmurje, Tourism in the countryside of Jureš. Our tourism, which is in a rustic style, has 5 double rooms and 1 apartment with a kitchenette. All rooms have their own shower, TV, toilet and internet. We are known for the production of wine (Traminec, Sauvignon, Rhenish Riesling, Yellow Muscat), which, in addition to trotting, has a long tradition in the family. We have Odrata all year round, because we want to spoil our guests with Prleš specialties, such as married brandy with milk, meat from tünka, cabbage with wine, bun cake, roast with buckwheat brandy and buckwheat porridge. We also sell open and bottled wines.

There are thermal baths nearby: Banovci, Bio Terme, Radenci, Terme 3000, Lendava.

Guests who stay overnight with us get a 20% discount on bathing tickets and saunas in Bio Terme or Banovci Terme.

The winter and summer garden accommodates up to 60 people, as does the terrace.

It is also possible to visit the old cellar with a tasting of our wines.

The Jureš Farm - where there are top flavors and the friendliness of the locals

Discover the heart of Pomur


What we can offer


Walking and cycling nearby are thermal baths: Banovci, Bio terme, Radenci, Terme 3000 and Lendava.


• lunches (by arrangement)
• sour soup with side dishes, bograč with side dishes (by arrangement)
• wine tasting
• tourist packages for 2, 3, 5 or 7 days. Children up to 6 years old are free!


The winter-summer garden accommodates up to 60 people, as well as the terrace.
It is also possible to visit the old cellar with a tasting of our wines.
Possibility of a one-day trip for groups of up to 60 people, celebrations, birthdays, confirmations...


We provide you experiences that will stick with you


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Price list:

Bed and breakfast: 35 EUR
Half board: 46 EUR
The price of lunches is negotiable.
VAT is also included in the price.

Possibility to rent bikes by prior agreement.

Less than three days we charge an additional 15%!


+386 (0)41 798 795



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